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when i find myself in times of trouble mother mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom…stevebucky

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Ophelia by Thomas Francis Dicksee, c. 1864 (detail)

A preproduction sketch by Mike Minor from “In Thy Image,” which was set to be the pilot episode for Star Trek: Phase II. While that series (which was itself an attempt to salvage the original aborted Trek movie) never happened, many of the ideas and designs for it were integrated into Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Apollo doesn’t quite know how he bears it. Not being able to touch her as he wants to sets him on edge and she’s always there hovering just out of reach, smiling her small smiles meant just for him, laden with meaning and a tenderness that only he understands.
It’s not right. Both of them know that. They are brother and sister, twins and sometimes Artemis says she believes they share a soul. They are each other’s fixed point, the compass of their existence always spinning its needle back to North, back to each other.
And Apollo loves her, loves the graceful line of her neck and the way she pins her long white-blonde hair on top of her head. He loves seeing her bleary-eyed and irritable, padding about the kitchen in his shirt looking for the milk for her coffee. He loves knowing that there is no one else who will know the path up her slender legs, the perfect cradle of her thighs, the sweetest sighing of his name he has ever heard.
They know it’s wrong but that does not stop the way they bend together, the gentle push and pull as inexorable as the moon on the sea.‏ 
(written by ladyellaria)